Some of My Projects

Websites, Training, Online Courses

Custom Website Design

Maple Creative

Maple Creative is a collaborative design agency that specializes in websites for online course creators and communities. We take on projects that have a purpose and we work with people who are out to change the world for the better.

Halt The Harm Network

This website provides critical support for environmentalists working to "halt the harms" of the fracking industry across the United States. Visitors can join the website, search a directory of members, and access a vast collection of organizing tools. See how it works at

Salsa Ithaca

Salsa Ithaca is the hub for Latin music and dance in Ithaca and the Finger Lakes. Their production teams hosts multiple events a week, including classes, parties, and live music. The website provides a robust events calendar, and a way for people to join an email list of 3,000+ members. Explore

Prisoner Express

On this website you can browse the work of prisoners – artwork, poetry, journal entries, essays, etc... The Prisoner Express program works with over 4,000 people incarcerated throughout the U.S. offering correspondence and engagement programs. I created this new website to showcase their work and create an online fundraising platform. Check it out at

Heartstone Center For Earth Essentials

Kris and Tammi asked me to provide a fresh re-design of their website to make it easier to manage and more compatible online teaching. I'm honored to be working with them and helping them serve their audience. Along with the new website I setup a class schedule, enrollment system, and free anatomy class.

WRFI Community Radio

This organization gave me an opportunity to have my own radio show even though I had no idea what I was doing. Over time, I received training and support, and eventually my confidence increased. I have so much affection for this place and I'm grateful for all the volunteers that make it possible. I'm honored I was able to take the lead on designing & launching their new website.

Eve's Cidery

These are hardworking, food obsessed farmers who have created the best cider in the world. They grow traditional cider apples and express the beauty of this land through dry, delicious cider. I couldn't be happier to help represent this world renowned company with a new website

Sky Barn Apiaries

David is a beekeeper and educator living in his renovated barn homestead in Wilseyville, NY. Not only is it a pleasure to help with his site, but it's magnificent place to visit! Learn more at

Durland Alternatives Library

This is a nifty little library in Ithaca focused entirely on alternatives to mainstream institutions, culture, and ways of life. This organization has some really neat offerings. I shall say no more. Here's the website I created for this dynamic, ever evolving organization.

Online Courses

Transition Zones

This is the flagship course of herbalist and educator Tammi Sweet. Her lectures help people all over the world understand physiology and herbal medicine. This course goes deep into 7 core topics. I work with Tammi to bring her curriculum into an online environment, optimize student success, and launch her course to her audience.

Health & Physiology Webinar Series

This is related to the course above – it's a webinar series. It's completely free, and is offered throughout the year while Tammi's course is in session. Webinars are one of the most effective ways to scale an audience and provide tons of value at the same time.

Check it out at :

A Few Side Projects


Email Confidence

Is email a big part of your life? When was the last time you buckled down to learn how it works?

Welcome to email confidence, a course to help busy people get control over their email – how it's setup, your habits, and better communication.

Click Here to Learn More

Halt the Harm Podcast

I currently work with Halt the Harm Network as a writer and email campaign strategist – and now we've collaborated to kick-off this project. Every week I talk to inspiring activists working against fracking industry. I learn about their struggles, experience, and get to share it with the world. You can subscribe where-ever you get podcasts, or check out

You Can Grow Chestnuts

It's true, you can. You really can grow chestnuts! This is a project I did for my friend Akiva Silver at Twisted Tree Nursery. He's a brilliant person in so many ways, and a renowned tree expert in my home-region. This is a simple website with three videos you've got to see.

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