Simple, Effective, Organized

Custom, yet user-friendly websites. Is that too much to ask?

About Me:

Cabin dwelling, animal respecting, nature picture taking, designer and media consultant.

Me and my pal Shayla, chilling out.
Me and my pal Shayla, chilling out.

Everyday I walk with Shayla down a quiet dirt road, gazing into the foggy hills. When I look to the right I see fall colors changing – the design is perfect.

Newly fallen leaves create a streak of yellow along the side of the road, accenting the lines and balancing the color perfectly with the soon expired green.

On my left is a fracking well – a time bomb just a stones throw from the creek. This reminds me of the outside world – of work yet to be done. I cannot escape it. I should not escape it.

For the past 10 years I've organized events, started projects, worked with clients, designed websites, and managed complex outreach campaigns. Here are some of my current projects.

I started a business using these skills in service of the land – and to help those making a life in a peaceful way. Here are my available services.